Welcome to the IMS Open Badges certification testing system.

The goal of IMS certification for Open Badges is to ensure interoperable implementations of badging systems that generate and issue digital badges as well as those that host and display badges.


IMS certification for Open Badges 2.0 demands features and capabilities beyond those that are strictly required by the specification. The specification is intentionally left very flexible to allow it to be used for many purposes. Gaining this certification is expected to be more difficult than simply meeting the minimum requirements for producing a valid Open Badge.

Certification may be achieved in one or more of the following services (apply for one service at a time):

  • Open Badges Issuer
  • Open Badges Displayer
  • Open Badges Host

To pass certification, you must take the following steps:

  • You must be an IMS Digital Credentials and Badges Alliance Member, an IMS Affiliate Member, or IMS Contributing Member. Membership Details
  • You must pass the tests using the certification suite hosted on the IMS web site.
  • The tests must be completed by a designated representative of the IMS member and you must agree that there is no misrepresentation or manipulation of results in the submitted information.

After IMS reviews your submitted information and notifies you that your application is approved and adds you to the IMS Product Directory, you can claim certification to IMS Open Badges and display the certification badge on your web site and in your software.

By completing and submitting the application form, you are agreeing that your submitted artifacts are an accurate depiction of your product and the version for which you are requesting certification. Note that certification is good for one year, after which you will need to renew your certification following the renewal procedures in place at that time.

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